About Ganymede

Ganymede is the name derived from Greek mythology being the cup bearer and wine pourer for the Gods.  Ganymede Ltd was established by the founders of Olivier Pacific Ltd, the successful fine food distribution business now acquired by Bright Foods Ltd.

Ganymede, in business since 2015, is a boutique wine importer and distributor.  Ganymede initially concentrated on the promotion of good value premium Italian wines.  In the last year or two we have expanded our range and now offer wines from Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in the New World category and France, Italy and Spain from the Old World producers.

We are a small team at Ganymede but we like talking about wine, educating our customers about our wineries (they are not all household names but we think they should be) and helping put a wine list together for a restaurant or bar, catering for an event or advising on which of our wines best suit your dinner party.



You won’t see our wines on the supermarket shelves, we sell direct.  That means if you would like to try some of our wines you need to talk to us, but that’s okay, we love having a chat.  So, please call:

Joe Wan on 5303 1161 or joe@ganymede.asia

Mark Winstanley on 9193 5246 or mark@ganymede.asia