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If sports team have playoffs, vineyards have harvest time. Did you know that harvesting happens every month due to various climate conditions, grape varieties and wine styles? Starting this month, I will personally feature a partner vineyard to go through their harvest time with our budding community of wine lovers.

Van Loveren Wines – Robertson South Africa

The Robertson Valley experienced one of the coolest January months on record with 12 days of cloud-cover and hardly any temperatures above 30°C; it was even cooler than regions such as Paarl and Stellenbosch. Thanks to the cooler January, our 2020 Sauvignon Blanc is perfectly balanced for an early release. The fantastic aromas and flavour profiles is testament to this. We are also excited about the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for our Christina MCC that would have also benefited from the cooler temperatures. From February, the temperature reverted to normal summer conditions - perfect for the red wine grapes. 

“We have been truly blessed and expect another year of excellent quality wine from our grapes.” ~ Bussell Retief, Cellar Master

New Wines Coming to Ganymede

So, we need to get some Sauv Blanc into HK, but maybe the Christina MCC bubbly is priority one?  COVID-19 has played havoc with shipping, Ganymede and Van Loveren are determined to get some of these outstanding wines to HK, we will email you as soon as they are ready to deliver.

In the meantime we have in stock:

I have had a bottle (or two) of the Christina Cab Sauv and Pinotage, if you can get a group of friends together over a meal, these wines will make it an event.  Your hosting rating will go through the roof, the flavours and quality of these wines will be a talking point through the meal and have your guests raving about this new wine they have tasted

I have been lucky enough to have some of the Christina Pinotage with a lamb roast and at a long barbecue lunch recently, the wine performed exceptionally at both – indoors and outdoors (not always easy in HK).   A wine new to HK, a taste that is different (Pinotage is not a large volume variety) and all of a sudden, lockdown is left behind for a few hours as we savour the pepper and spice born out by the meat and condiments.  This is a wine that reacts magnificently with food.

The Christina Cab Sauv needs to be harnessed, be careful it may overshadow the food (well, maybe if I am the cook) but it is a bold and forthright wine.  Barbecue a steak and stand aside to let the wine speak for itself (what a great idea on a Sunday evening, no?).  Alternatively, cook an easy pasta option and let the wine carry the meal.

The options are limitless, turn the table on lockdown and let wine drive the adventure of a great meal with friends or family.

~ Mark Winstanley, Ganymede Chief Wine Specialist

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