Green Cola

This unique beverage was discovered by one of the directors of Ganymede during a vacation in Greece during the summer of 2015.

Its health conscious qualities of being sugar and preservative free together with extremely low calorific values appealed to the ethos of our company as being a caffeine based soda which also had a very likeable taste and hence healthier than traditional branded sodas currently available on the international market. Samples were shipped to Hong Kong and trials conducted with bars, restaurants and blind tastings by members of the public all seemed to confirm its potential.

Its official launch took place in January 2016 with attendees from the local media customer groups and invited guests.

Since then patronage  has continued to grow  from within restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs all conscious of its benefits for their clients, and distribution has been fast to develop in selective supermarket chains, mini markets and convenience stores including Diary Farm, Park and Shop, 7Eleven, Circle K and Vanguard supported by favourable comment from social media sites and the beverage industry .

Its introduction into the European and Middle East markets is growing steadily and we are happy that Hong Kong people will now be able to benefit from this new beverage.