Valdo Origine Rosé

Valdo Origine Rosé

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Rosé Brut Sparkling Wine


Veneto, Sicilia

Grape Variety:

GCuvée of selected white grapes, Nerello Mascalese


Rosé. Soft-pressing of red grapes without maceration on the skins

Sparkling and refining process:

Bottle fermentation in a pressurised vat for 3 months, Charmat method



Spumante Origine Rosé Brut is a young and innovative product, that at the same time is a nod to Valdo's strong sparkling wine tradition. This is strongly linked to the local area, but without neglecting the excellence of the wines found throughout Italy. This philosophy has led to the creation of this Rosè, a blend of Glera grapes from our local area and Sicilian Nerello Mascalese, in a visionary blend of perfectly balanced and pleasantly structured aromas.