Spanish Wines: Finca Muñoz and Heredad De Baroja

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Sample the best bottles from the wineries of Álava and Toledo

In the village of Nobleja, Toledo province, just 60 kilometres from Madrid, among numerous century-old vineyards, lies Viñedos y Bodegas Muñoz. This La Mancha winery of rich heritage sets high standards among modern producers and distributes globally-recognised, award-winning wines in more than thirty countries worldwide.

Flat orography and shallow, clay-calcareous soil make up the terrain, and along with the ideal climate -- a modest 400 mm of annual rainfall against 3000 hours of sunlight -- provide the perfect environment for the winery’s grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Petit, Verdot, and Tempranillo varieties are grown on 100 hectares from its own plantation and an additional 300 hectares from regular suppliers.

With modern facilities, production methods, ageing, bottling, and quality controls, Viñedos y Bodegas Muñoz offers significantly concentrated, aromatic wines with distinct personalities. One such is Finca Muñoz, which comes in Barrel Aged and Cepas Viejas as well as Macabeo Verdejo bottles.

Also a famous Spanish wine-growing region is Rioja Alavesa in Basque Country, to the North. There, in the village of Elvillar de Álava, at around 600 metres above sea level is Bodegas Heredad de Baroja.

The Tempranillo grapes growing across the many clay and limestone vineyards in the surrounding region are at that altitude exposed to temperature differences that could exceed 20°C between day and night, giving them exceptional and unmistakable quality. Since 1964, Heredad De Baroja has taken the rich Tempranillo harvest, transforming it into superb Rioja wines.

The winery houses several stainless steel tanks, each able to contain twelve to thirty-thousand kilos of grapes, temperature-controlled and constantly monitored between four and twenty-four months of aging to produce its excellent selection of bottles including Heredad De Baroja Cuvée Especiale, Crianza, and Reserva.

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