A bottle got opened: Stoney Range Pinot Gris 2019

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A bottle just happened to get opened...

It would be rude not to try it...

Stoney Range Pinot Gris 2019

The first thing I noticed as a glass of the Pinot Gris was poured was the colour.  Magnificent.  A golden hue graces the glass.  A closer look shows that green freshness as well.  This Pinot Gris is putting its best foot forward, and it has not even been tasted yet.  In the important psychology/theatre of wining and dining, I am getting a positive feeling, and looking forward to tasting this beauty.

The fine body and fruit-filled flavour delivers on the promise of the golden colour, but with body and richness to the taste.  It makes me think it will pair well with food, on this day however, it is being offered as that refreshing dry wine at cocktail hour.  It does not disappoint. The refreshing, dry fruit taste with body is sitting nicely alongside the pre-dinner snack platter.  Cured meats, cheese, and a bit of spice are offset by the light, refreshing taste of the wine. 

As snacks give way to the meal, the Pinot Gris shows why that bit of body and richness are important the wine has the weight to accompany some seafood and barbequed vegetables very nicely.  This wine is a keeper.

Drink it well chilled with the afternoon food platter and slightly less chilled with the main course; two wines in one, both very enjoyable.

Mark Winstanley, Ganymede Chief Wine Specialist

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