A bottle got opened: SOHO Stella Sauvignon Blanc 2019

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A bottle just happened to get opened...

It would be rude not to try it...

SOHO Stella Sauvignon Blanc 2019

The SOHO tasting notes lead with the description “classic confidence and sexy femininity”.  Well, that is what jumps off the page to me.  I am not sure what to expect as I open the bottle.

This is a Marlborough Sav Balance, the Kiwis “do” Sauv Blanc and do it well, over 70% of NZ wine production is Sauv Blanc and Marlborough is “the” Sauv Blanc region.  Given that build-up, what is this wine going to deliver?

The phrase "don’t bring a knife to gunfight" springs to mind, Stella brings a formidable arsenal.  The expected clean, refreshing taste jumps off the tongue.  Tropical fruit and zesty, this is a wine that does not want to be tamed. I get the confidence reference now, SOHO knows this is good, so why be shy about it.  Sexy femininity is probably above my pay grade, I will say that Stella retains a hint of mystery.  There are many aromas and tastes swirling around this glass, I can’t pinpoint them all but I do want to try more of this wine.

I find that sometimes wines that seem unexpectedly big and bold on first tasting may not deliver the same with the second glass.  Not so with the Stella.  Enjoyed over a couple of hours, each glass delivers the same refreshing, zesty flavours.

I won’t try and pair foods with this wine, no need, it can be enjoyed anytime with or without food.  It is refreshing, it is powerful, fruity, and full favoured.  A perfect refreshing drink for the heat of the tropics.  A wine for entertaining, for sharing, maybe with someone with a bit of mystery or that you would like to know more about like the wine.


Mark Winstanley, Ganymede Chief Wine Specialist


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